The Significant Role Of Ultrasound Gel- Unknown Facts To Know

Posted by Admin on October, 10, 2019

Various medical tests have been performed during pregnancy. Ultrasound is one of the important examinations. Before a sonographer, who performs the sonography, starts the process, he/she applies a thick gel on the belly. What is that actually? It is the ultrasound gel which has a significant role in the examination. It is available easily in the market. All you need is to contact the ultrasound gel suppliers in Indore and they will provide tested quality gel.

What is the function of ultrasound gel?

Ultrasound gel is an important conductive medium that forms a union between the skin and the ultrasound transducer. The ultrasound sound waves usually take a hard time to travel through the air. The gel prevents any extra air space between the examination and your skin in order to produce a clear image of the fetus. The mothers are asked to come for an ultrasound with a full bladder in early pregnancy. With your full bladder and the ultrasound gel working as a pairing agent, the medical practitioner will be able to show you a clear image of your baby.

Physical properties

This ultrasound gel is made safe and non-toxic by reputed and certified ultrasound gel manufacturer for both sonographer and patient. It contains some chemicals dependable for its texture, thickness, and color.

Consisting of chemicals

Chemicals are distinguished as

Propylene Glycol,

Propylene Glycol is normally used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic reasons. It consists of a molecule that is chemically stable in nature is stable and neutral. It is not reactive if combined with other substances. It also acts as an emulsifier and helps in holding and binding water molecules and other substances.


Glycerin is a compound generally used in soap making. It is colorless and sweet in taste. It contains Polyol as its main component. It is a molecule comprising alcohol with multiple hydroxyl groups attached to it which helps absorbs water from the air thus making it a good solvent.


Phenoxyethanol is a monotonous oil-based and water-soluble solution. It is commonly used in derma products but one way or another over usage can cause harm or toxicity of the central nervous system.


The colorant is artificial dye of FD&C Blue No. 1, made out of petroleum, is generally used in ultrasound gel. These colorants or dyes are mostly found in foods and makeup products.

What makes a good gel?

As per the renowned ultrasound gel suppliers, high-quality ultrasound gel can be blue tinted or crystal clear. However, it will be non-staining. It will be acoustically approved for the extensive range of frequencies used in Diagnostic and Therapeutic ultrasound measures. It is also significant that it is

• Hypoallergenic,

• Bacteriostatic,

• Non-sensitizing and

• Non-irritating

There are numerous medical ultrasound gel suppliers in Madhya Pradesh. A very little difference is found in their delivered product due to their constitution. But some are runny than others. So, it is advised to check the quality first and then place the order.

Some of the features are mentioned below that can define the reliability of a supplier.

1. Reliable vendor base

2. Adroit team of professionals

3. Customized options available

4. Ethical business practices

5. Wide distribution networks

6. Affordable pricing

7. Prompt and safe delivery

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