Electrocardiography Gel Or ECG Gel

Posted by Admin on July, 22, 2019

People often remain confused about the identity of ECG gel with an ultrasound gel. Let me tell you these two are different! Though both of them include the similar level of viscosity, ECG gel has a specific added component that enables the transmission of electroactivity through the skin. Electrodes are responsible for such activities, and the current is transferred to the ECG device.

Through the process of electrocardiography, an electrocardiogram is produced. This is a recording which is displayed through a graph of voltage v/s time. This is recorded through the heart’s electrical activity via electrodes which remain placed on the skin. The electrodes are used for detecting the minimum electrical changes which signify depolarization of cardiac muscle which occurs instantly after depolarization of the heartbeats.

How ECG gel is applied during the procedure?

A few specific machines record electrocardiographs and those machines include a few electrodes which remain attached to the central unit.

Recording of an electrocardiograph is safe and does not pain the patient. Electrodes remain attached to the patient’s body, and they are actually conductive pads. Any two electrodes are efficient to measure the difference between electrical potential between the pair of equivalent positions of attachment, and such two electrodes from a lead.

Normally 5 pairs of electrodes remain attached to the patient’s body which is used to make the formation of 12 ECG leads, and each of them measures a particular electrical potential difference.

Two types of electrodes are commonly used which are thin sticker-flat paper and a circular self-adhesive pad. One of them is used in the recording of single ECG and the other is used for continuous recordings. Every electrode contains a silver chloride conductor and an electrically conductive electrolyte gel. This particular gel is made of potassium chloride or silver chloride so that the electron conduction is permitted from the skin to the electrocardiogram.

ECG gel contains a special component that enables it to transit electro activity through the patient’s skin. The electrodes transmit the current into the ECG for recordings.

ECG gel:

As per the ECG gel manufacturers in Indore, it is basically a conductive water-based gel that is having a high conductivity. ECG gel formulas have higher viscosity and thus it is particularly planned to reduce resistance between electrodes and the skin in various electrocardiogram processes.

ECG gel is also used for enhancing the precision of ECG testing by transmitting weak electrical signals in a highly accurate manner. The higher conductivity remains the same even during long processes.

Buying a high-quality ECG gel from the reputed manufacturer companies in Indore, you will be sure that the gel products contain no harmful ingredients or any toxic preservatives. Those will also able to pass the test for toxicology by various third party testers.

Advantages of ECG gel:

Every renowned ECG gel manufacturer in the country produces top-class products which are

• Comfortable for the skin

• Reduced bacterial contamination

• Soluble in water

• Easy to wipe with tissue

• Has no odor

• Stainless

• Free from alcohol

• Dermatologically tested

• Can be customized

Various leading hospitals and a range of medical facilities in the country purchase from the best ECG gel manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh.

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